I am building a webpage that indexes files on my system (macOS). I would like to be able to add two hyperlinks to each file, one which a) opens the file, and one which b) reveals the file in the finder.

Regarding a), I can open a file with the following URL:


However, this displays it in the browser window, whereas I would prefer to open it in the default application. So not quite what is needed.

Regarding b), I have no idea if such a URL scheme exists, but would appreciate it if anyone knows how to achieve this.

I have been able to achieve it by passing the file path to Keyboard Maestro and then using a macro to open / reveal the file. However, I would prefer to achieve this without any intermediate application.


The file:// path is generally just file:// and then the files path.

One way to do it in Finder is to right-click the file then press "Get Info", or select the file and Command + I (shortcut) to bring up the files information.

You can find the file's path next to "Where:" (under General). You can just copy that (Command + C or Edit > Copy) and paste that (don't worry, it will be copied as a UNIX path (e.g /users/Name/My Folder)

Now, in your browser you can just type: file://(paste in the path you copied)/files name

edit: Someone edited your question so now i'm not too sure what your intention is.

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