I have a need/desire to obtain multiple windows VMs patched up to specific dates to use for testing malware and exploits - e.g. to allow automatic evaluation like "X behaves one way until November 2015, and differently afterwards".

Is there a reasonable way to make such VMs without too much manual labor? I.e. start with a "fresh" VM and configure it (preferably in a way that can be automated by a script) to install only security updates up until date xxx / version yyy, but not anything later?

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Just like WSUS, SCCM (or a similar product) would be an option to download patches en mass and assign them into deployment groups or packages for deployment. With a bit of scripting (or not), it could be very flexible for a variety of OS and build combinations.


only by using WSUS and per-machine rules it is possible, but I hardly beleive that you will be able to perform a clear simulation, i.e. install updates that are in cumulative ones now

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