As the title says, I'm looking for a way to automatically set the lock screen background of Windows 10 to whatever the current desktop wallpaper is, automatically, via a script (not an app, at least not a UWP one). A script that can set the lockscreen image to specified image file is also acceptable.

The script can be in any supported scripting language for Windows, Powershell being preferred.

I was trying to do this myself using Powershell, but setting the relevant values in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lock Screen\Creative only changes the preview in Settings → Personalization → Lock Screen, not the actual lock screen itself.

I also looked into using Group Policy, but it does not feel like it does what I want (for one, it is on a per-machine basis, not per-user. I need it to be per-user). Also, the relevant GPO setting here is Computer configuration → Administrative Templates & rarr; Control Panel → Personalization → Force a specific default lockscreen and logon image, which is restricted only to the Enterprise, Education & Server SKUs. I want this to be usable for ideally all SKUs of Windows 10, not just the higher-end ones (I'm personally on Pro, so the above setting has no effect for me).

I guess what I'm looking for is the scripting equivalent of setting the lockscreen type to "Picture" and setting it to the relevant image path from the Settings app's lockscreen page (ms-settings:lockscreen) (which I have successfully obtained via the registry).

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