I apologize if this is not the right place to ask such a question, but this is an emergency since I cannot log in my laptop.

I am using a Toshiba P55W-C5200 Laptop, touch screen, with Windows 10.

After turning it on, the screen got stuck on the welcome page (the one with the screensaver) and the keyboard was not working. I tried typing different keys and got no response.

Oddly the mouse pointer was moving but I could not click (or double-click) on the touchpad.

I used an external keyboard but it is not working. However the usb ports seem to work when I try to charge my phone.

After manually rebooting a couple of times the keyboard just accepted one "enter" key and moved to the password log-in area, but at that point all keys were locked again.

The touch screen does not do anything. It shows a circle when touched (which indicates a click) but the click does not actually happens.

After googling for some time I tried to see if there was a hardware failure with the keyboard connection bus in the motherboard.

I unscrewed the back of the laptop, reconnected the keyboard bus and still nothing.

I tried to remotely access my laptop but the wifi key wont turn on and an ethernet cable will not work either.

Another important point: I cannot enter the BIOS, I keep hitting F12 (and tried some other keys but it goes directly to the Windows screen).

What can I possibly do at this point?

  1. Windows 10 should (theoretically) enable additional boot options after three failed boot attempts. Though not the gentlest procedure, try holding down the power switch until the laptop shuts; reboot and interrupt the reboot with the power switch three more times. You might then be able to boot using one of the options and try troubleshooting in a Safe mode.

  2. Make a USB drive repair boot-up disk such as Ultimate Boot CD or a similar collection. Go to BIOS to enable booting from the USB drive.

  3. Download a Windows 10 ISO and make a repair disk or USB drive. Follow instructions for attempting repair.

  • The problem was that I could not enter the BIOS. But your manual interruption was a great idea!! Thank you so much! – mjeshtri Feb 13 '17 at 16:55
  • Glad it helped... I've had to do it on different machines. BTW, perform a disk check afterwards, as this procedure may mess up volume structure. – DrMoishe Pippik Feb 13 '17 at 23:48

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