My workplace has a network drive anyone can access. Because of this, there exist file paths which are so long that if you try to create a reasonably named file within them, the file path will exceed the maximum allowable length.

In some cases, I have authority to reduce the path length by removing redundancies, etc. In other cases, it's part of a long standing project and I am forced to use that path.

How do I work with a shared network file path which is too long to allow files with practical names?

Edit: Please note, that if I could delete/revise the file path, I would. The operating system is capable of updating the path. The question, however, is that I am not authorized to update it. That is, a senior colleague/manager says, "Do not change this file path." What options are there for working within this constraint?

Looking around, these are the suggestions I have found:

  1. Create a new folder somewhere else on the shared drive which has a shorter path. Include a shortcut to the new folder at the end of the too long path. A shortcut could be placed in the new folder which points to the too long folder.
  2. Change the hearts and minds of my colleagues.

Are there any others?

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