I have set up a VPN server on a completely fresh Windows 10 Pro (1607) install, I've followed the steps in this guide.


The VPN server works correctly, and the users I specified during setup have access.

However, as I am not going to be managing the server, I want to make it as simple as possible for my end-user to add new accounts.

I hoped that it would be possible to give users access based on their Group. Then I could make a VPN group, which users could easily be added to, however this doesn't seem to be possible?

Failing that, I would like a script, that could be run, specifying user info, which, if chosen, will add the user to the VPN access list. However, I can not seem to find a command for batch or powershell that does this.

Is there any other ideas I could use to easily add (and if possible, remove) users from the VPN list?


As there is almost no information on the subject in the internet I may only suggest either doing a registry trace or pre-provisioning of VPN accounts.

That is you create in advance inactive users vpn01, vpn02, ... `vpn99'. Give those users access to VPN. Then you can turn them on/off:

net user vpn02 /active:yes
net user vpn02 /active:no

Windows stores all settings in registry. Apparently VPN settings are stored there as well. Run Incoming connections wizard and track registry activity with say process monitor. With some effort it will be possible understand registry keys involved and write related powershell script.

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