Is it possible to change text cursor color systemwide? I want to make it easy to catch red color.


For most controls the caret doesn't have a "color". It inverts the color of the pixels behind it - white becomes black, blue becomes yellow, etc. Here is a paragraph I found from Windows.

After the caret is defined, use the ShowCaret function to make the caret visible. When the caret appears, it automatically begins flashing. To display a solid caret, the system inverts every pixel in the rectangle; to display a gray caret, the system inverts every other pixel; to display a bitmap caret, the system inverts only the white bits of the bitmap.

I have never seen an example of someone changing the color, but you can change shape, flashing, width. But if you go into Control panel -> Ease of Access -> Make the computer easier to see you can adjust other options. Guide


The only option I have found is to use an utility called Aml Maple. It colors cursor depending on current keyboard Layout. I set red color to all layouts, so I got what I needed. It does not work in some applications, has monstrous UI, but otherwise does its work pretty well. So I'll mark it as an answer.

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