I was upgrading from Microsoft Office 2010 to 2016 last week and their INSTALL failed, with error messages "MICROSOFT OFFICE PROFESSIONAL PLUS 2016 ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR DURING SETUP" and then "MICROSOFT BOOTSTRAP LOADER HAS STOPPED WORKING". Days of calling MS and following all their BLOGS have failed so far, and now I have NEITHER Program on the computer, leaving me with only an EXPORTED 11GB PST file that I made just before beginning. It holds 15 years of contacts and emails that I need to reference every week and I cant wait anymore for MS to help with an INSTALL FIX. I will get it fixed HOWEVER in the short term, I have Thunderbird installed, but their latest version wont import PST files anymore, so I need to IMPORT my large PST file into a GMAIL account that I will setup and use for awhile (or later EXPORT to a MBOX file that I can IMPORT into Thunderbird).

  1. Can GMAIL directly IMPORT a 11GB file in a single shot WITHOUT OUTLOOK, or a simple 3rd party program to do so?

  2. Is there a simple program that can CONVERT a PST file to an MBOX file WITHOUT OUTLOOK?

    1. Is there a simple PST READER that I can use to simply READ my PST CONTACT Data and Notes for a short time until I can get Office 2016 Installed?


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G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

You can migrate email, contacts and calendar data from Microsoft Outlook profiles and PST files to G Suite. Use this link to download G Suite Migration tool.

  • This wouldn't work for a free Gmail account though. – Yisroel Tech Feb 16 '17 at 7:29

(ask the Word installation question...maybe some here would be able to help...)

I would recommend you to use the free software MailStore Home http://www.mailstore.com/en/mailstore-home-email-archiving.aspx

It can import (archive) from all kind of files/programs/services including PST files, and then it can export it to a whole range of programs/services including to a Gmail account or Thunderbird.

  1. Download the program from their site and install it. (During installation you can, if you want, choose to do a portable installation in a directory instead of in the system.)
  2. Open the program, click on Archive E-mail and in there on Microsoft Outlook PST File.enter image description here
  3. Browse to the PST file, select it and press Open then Next. And complete the backup.
  4. After backup presses is completed go to My Archive, right-click on this backup and go to Export To and select the place you want it exported to. (I would say exporting it straight to Thunderbird would be a better idea since it is all offline, and you aren't subjected to some problems Gmail sometimes makes for imports.)

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