If I'm using zsh and currently on a git branch ABC-12312 which corresponds to a JIRA ticket and endpoint, how can I get to the endpoint from the CLI, without oh-my-zsh addon?


After trial and error, this seems to be the minimalist script, using the built-in vcs_info command

I could be completely wrong, but I believe that it:

  1. requires / enables vcs_info
  2. styles future vcs_info return / replacement (try removing the second line and you will see the url change)
  3. creates a function jira (where $0 is the word jira, $1 would be the next word, but we're using $vcs_info_msg_0_) that calls open with whichever default application handles the string format. vcs_info queries the git branch and registers the variable vcs_info_msg_0_ for future usage

autoload -Uz vcs_info
zstyle ':vcs_info:git:*' formats '%b'

jira () {
  open "http://jira.corp.asdf.com/browse/$vcs_info_msg_0_"

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