We have following simple setup ...

  • Active Directory (2008) Server, IP address with DHCP server configured.

  • Users gets ip from this DHCP , pool (/8)

  • Data Center have Cisco 3750 switch, and all users connected with different 10 Cisco Catalyst 500/SRW2024 switches in different dept. All switches are connected with the data center 3750 switch via normal UPLinks (sfp).

  • We have around 10 Ubiquiti AP-LR Access Points connected with different switches.

  • Currently there is NO VLAN config on any switch, all running on default.

How can I assign different IP pool to Wireless clients


  • Wireless clients should get IP from range (/8) so that I can distinguish them easily. I don't want to ISOLATE any user, they should be on same subnet, security is not concerned here. no restriction is required on user to user/server communication.

Just wifi client should get ip from second pool from windows DHCP

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    You can do inter VLAN routing in your L3 switch.
    – vembutech
    Feb 16, 2017 at 13:14


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