I have seen similar issues on here and tried all the fixes but none of them seem to work.

We have a spreadsheet with columns A through to FD

Column A is surnames.

When we try to sort data based on surname A-Z the columns A-BZ are all correctly sorting across the rows. But from CA to FD the rows do not sort with the surname.

I have tried highlighting all the cells that need sorting (Column A-FD and Rows 5-111) but even then the columns after CA do not sort.

There is something blocking it from seeing the columns after CA. Multiple staff use this spreadsheet and someone has pasted information and caused this issue but we cannot seem to figure out what.

I really hope someone can help sort as it previously worked for all these columns. I hope I have explained the issue clearly.



There may be below reasons behind the sorting issue for columns after CA:

  1. There should any hidden column or rows exist.
  2. Formatting of all columns and rows are not equal. For example, if your columns are set for format code general then all should be in general in place of other format.
  3. There is some formula has been set in any column or row.

If you're sorting using the filter icon on the Data tab you may need to click on advanced and change the list range to cover all your data.


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