I am trying to count the number of items in a list between two dates.

The two dates will move each week, therefore within the countifs function it refers to a cell rather than hard coding the date - it does not recognize the lookup date (puts " " around it) even if I convert the date to numeric format.

If i do the same but hardcode the date it works.

Any help?

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    Welcome to Super User! Please add some sample data with desired results to help us understanding your issue. (take a screenshot, upload it to e.g. imgur, then post the link in your question; or you can format your data as a table here). Feb 17, 2017 at 9:18

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Instead of using COUNTIFS, consider setting up two formulas in adjacent columns.

Cell B5:  =IF(AND(A5>=$C$1,A5<=$C$2),1,0)
Cell C5:  =SUM(B$5:B5)


Then hide column B.

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