I've got this inventory document with the item name and the amount we have on stock. I made a column chart to indicate the current stock. However, when a certain item reached a certain threshold (lets say 5 pieces) I want the column itself change to the color red. How can I do this automatically (i.e. not manually)

For visualization purpose: enter image description here


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Create two columns showing "Inventory >= 5" and "Inventory < 5".
Create a "Stacked Column" chart showing "Item", "Inventory >= 5" and "Inventory < 5", writing zero if the condition is not met.


Color "Inventory >= 5" blue and "Inventory < 5" red.

Final Spreadsheet Final Spreadsheet

Stacked Column
Stacked Column

Chart Source Data
Chart Source Data

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    Good solution-but I'd recommend a minor change. Instead of returning 0, I'd return NA(). That way you can differentiate between no value and a 0 value.
    – dav
    Feb 17, 2017 at 19:36

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