My issue is getting an error as following while try to create a folder using php script in /opt/lampp/htdocs/.

mkdir(): permission denied

Am am using ubuntu system and lampp installed. In my application I need to create a folder in /opt/lampp/htdoc/ for temporary storage of files.

I can able to create files and folders dynamically by php script.

I have checked my folder owner and group and changed it to www-data:www-data as same as in inner folder, but still same error.

Here is my code for creating folder:

$old = umask(0); 
mkdir($UploadDirectory, 0777,true);

My $UploadDirectory path is also the correct /opt/lampp/htdocs/mydirectory.

I have tried all the available answers in StackOverflow, that's why I am creating new question. Please help.

  • Did you check your PHP configuration for whenever safe_mode or basedir is set? Where does the script that runs those commands reside? Why are you setting the umask? – Seth Feb 17 '17 at 11:57

Since you are running ubuntu, check out AppArmor as this is likely what is preventing you writing. You can run aa-logprof and follow the prompts.


I have noticed other sites with a few others that asked this question with varying answers that worked, none of which worked for me. I have included the answer that ended up working in my case. I hope this information will help some people at least.

The solution that did NOT work for me but might work for some people was:

$old = umask(0);
mkdir("/path/some_dir/", 0755, true);

The one that did work for me though with a somewhat peculiar behavior:

$old = umask(0000);
mkdir("/var/www/html/somewebsite/images/somefolder/somefolder/", 6640, true);

The created folders seem to end up with the 640 permissions.

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