I have the following puppet module:

 selboolean { 'scan system':
    name       => 'scan system',
    persistent => true,
    provider   => 'antivirus_can_scan_system',
    value      => on,

When I deploy the module, I get the following error:

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Parameter provider failed on Selboolean[scan system]: Invalid selboolean provider 'antivirus_can_scan_system' at /file/path/selinux.pp

I am not really familiar with Puppet language, so I am not sure what's I am doing wrong here. Any help appreciated. Thanks


The values you give to your various attributes need to be what the system expects them to be.



(Namevar: If omitted, this attribute’s value defaults to the resource’s title.)

The name of the SELinux boolean to be managed.


The specific backend to use for this selboolean resource. You will seldom need to specify this — Puppet will usually discover the appropriate provider for your platform.


selboolean { 'scan system':
    name       => 'antivirus_can_scan_system',
    persistent => true,
    value      => on,

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