I need to connect a usb hub 15m from my computer, i've tried a hub with 4 slots and a power supply, and a 15m active usb cable. The hub has a wireless Xbox receptor (with up to 4 xbox controllers simultaneously), a wireless keyboard, a mouse, and sometimes another wireless keyboard and mouse (in a single slot).

That setup doesn't work. Even with the powered usb hub, I can use max one keyboard and mouse simultaneously, but thats it. If I add one more all of them stop working.

I made some research and found the best solution is to use a ethernet extender for those distances, and I happen to have already a spare 30m ethernet cable.

However all great solutions with a powered ethernet usb hub are meant for business and thus are way than I need.

So my question is if a non-powered ethernet hub would be enough to work with all the devices mentioned above simultaneously. And if not, what if I attach the 4 slot powered hub to it?

devices -> 4 slot powered hub -> (female)usbToEthernet -> 30m ethernet cable -> ethernetToUsb(male) -> computer

Would that work? I made a lot of research, many people says you can't use high power demanding devices like a webcam or a external drive with non-powered setup, but I can't find information on how to evaluate if 4 xbox controllers + 2 keyboards + 2 mouses need too much speed/power or not.


I can't tell you if those devices would pull too much power, but you could simply use a powered usb hub, at the end with these devices - after all you're going to need to connect a hub anyway, why not use a powered one?

This way, the hub will/should provide the power and mean that you don't exceed what should be pulled over cat5e cable.

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