How to upgrade firmware on OKI MB441?

When I am trying to use Firmware Upgrade Tool, I get error Device not found. This error is not listed in troubleshooting manual.

enter image description here

Device is connected to LAN, I can print on it and scan from it.

What to do?


Go to the environmental settings and set the IP range, so that the IP of your printer is in between the first IP and the last.

So if your printers IP is

Then do this: enter image description here


Sorry for the late response - I've just experienced the same problem myself, and the answer given helped me somewhat.

I notice, however, that the 'Network search range' seems to be a bit mask instead of a 'range' and so to find my printer on A.B.C.241 I could use either of: A.B.C.255 or A.B.C.241 but not, for example, a range on consecutive lines as given by Phil Roggenbuck.

I'm not sure why the default search range of failed to work - perhaps my gateway/router didn't like the fw updater scanning non-local ranges.

  • Too bad, it didn't work for me. I also see the range as a mask, so I tried A.B.C.255, or the full ip, both without success. I also experimented with the windows firewall, and tries using the USB port. all without success (MB441, Windows 10, FWUP_010502_8_270533.exe) – Daniel Alder Dec 2 '20 at 23:28

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