I am trying to copy text from Word to Notepad++, but Notepad++ does not retain non-breaking spaces.

The Notepad++ text file I am inserting into has the UTF-8 BOM encoding. If I add non-breaking spaces within Notepad++, the program keeps them all right.

I also tried Edit → Paste Special → Paste RTF Content, but no go.

  • As a workaround you can replace all non-breaking spaces in word to character not used otherwise (e.g. # § ¤ ..., or even a sequence "<NBS>"), then in notepad++ replace it back to non-breaking space – Máté Juhász Feb 20 '17 at 12:12

This is caused by Microsoft Word. PowerPoint in the middle does the trick.

When copying from Word, text version of the clipboard (which N++ uses for Paste) is always created without non-breaking spaces. But on copying from PowerPoint, non-breaking spaces are kept. And this can be used for the trick.

  1. Copy the text in Word (as usually).

  2. Paste in PowerPoint.

  3. Copy in PowerPoint.

  4. Paste in Notepad++ (as usually).

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