I have a dell power adapter for my dell laptop (although it's not the original, it was ordered online, it has dell engraved on the charger). Anyway, it stopped charging the laptop, no green light, and it was making quiet beeping noises (from the charger itself). It was plugged into a plug adapter, so I tried it in a different one and now it's charging fine with no beeps.

I know it sounds like problem solved and I'm being a bit paranoid but I want to know whether it's possible that this could be indicative of an underlying fault / cause with the charger itself. Is the charger still ok to use?


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I had one that used to beep the same way and had issues charging would charge for a few minutes then stop. Eventually it ceased to function . On using another charger it worked fine. The issue may also be your charger on your part also. Have a technician look at it if you think other wise but the best bet is save your money and try to get a replacement that is is compatible with the laptops original charger.

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