A friend's laptop just developed a very odd issue: she was using it normally when she smelled a burning smell (typical electronic burning smell, but more plasticy). Closer inspection revealed it was from the screen, and touching a general area on the back of the screen was very hot. The longer the screen is left on, the hotter it gets. A slight discoloration has developed on the front of the screen approximately where the hot spot is. The problem persisted over reboots.

Then, today, she pressed the back of the screen, and it stopped overheating, and the discoloration has dissapeared (aka, back to normal in all regards). It seems to centrally located on the screen to be the inverter. What could possibly have happened, and how can it be prevented from happening again?

The laptop model is Acer e1532p4471. It should be noted that it has a touchscreen, but I doubt this is the problem, as the back of the screen was much hotter than the front.

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  • Unless this is a widespread issue, without seeing the device itself it would be very difficult to state emphatically what might be the cause of this. Just on its face I'd be thinking a short, a bad connection. But, once again, we cannot prove that because we are not at the computer. – music2myear Mar 10 '17 at 23:54