When I visit a site with a Flash video, I get the following notice bar in the latest Chrome Stable release: When I click "Update plugin," I'm taken to this page which doesn't update the plugin but has instructions:

Step 2: Update Adobe Flash Player
On your computer, open Chrome.
In the address bar at the top, enter chrome://components and press Enter.
Under "Adobe Flash Player," click Check for update.
Go back to the page with the Flash content.
If it doesn't load automatically, at the top left, click Reload.

So I visit "chrome://components/" and I see Adobe Flash Player (there is no "pepper" flash component listed):

and I click "Check for Update." It finds one and seems to download it (New -> Updater started -> Update Found -> Component Downloading):

But it won't install the update, and just shows:

Opening the browser with Run As Administrator didn't fix it. Incognito vs. regular mode, with or without administrator, made no difference.

Deleting the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash directory (while Chrome was closed) did not fix it.

I even tried going to Adobe's "Other Versions" flash player page, selecting my OS and for Step 2 selecting a version with "PPAPI" in the name, manually unchecking all the bundleware, clicking to download, saving and running the installer, which reported success, but reopening Chrome and visiting the components list I see the same thing as before with the same version number and the same result of clicking "Check for update." How do I update Flash player for Chrome?

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