I have two monitors and one TV screen hooked up to my desk top.

I have a VGA cable going from my video card (VGA Output) to monitor 1. Then I have an HDMI cable going from the video card (HDMI output) to a SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 1X2 HDMI Splitter. From the splitter I have an HDMI/HDMI cable going to my T.V. and an HDMI/DVI cable going from the splitter to monitor 2. When I boot up, the Microsoft logo shows on monitor 2 and the T.V. , but after it boots up it says "no signal" on monitor 2. I want to mirror monitor 2 on the T.V.

What can I do to make this work? Do I need to check to see if my cables are HDCP compliant?

I have a Dell desktop. Windows 10. i 5 processor.


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    HDMI cables are not involved with HDCP. HDMI is originally a point-to-point connection. A splitter isn’t a valid device in that topology. This appears to be an active splitter, so it may work, but I’m still skeptical. – Daniel B Feb 24 '17 at 6:38
  • Hdmi splitters are very temperamental things and often don't play ball with different signals/pieces of hardware. – unknownSPY Feb 24 '17 at 18:18

I tried the same thing and I bought a 1080p rated HDMI splitter but when I hooked it up both devices would show a shaky screen and cap the resolution at 640X480. I could never get it to work right so I just manually switch the HDMI cords out when I want the other monitor to play. seems splitters are not a viable technology for monitors only use HDMI splitters if your hooking up a DVD player or something that doesn't auto detect your device.

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