I have a relatively large spreadsheet (2300 rows, out to column EL) and lately the auto calculate has been unreliable. I would have to click on a cell I was sure was incorrect, hit F9 and see its value update. The formula is correct and nothing changes, but it requires a manual prompt to recalculate even though automatic calculation seems to be enabled.

Does the calculate method have any limits that I am bumping into or is this a bug?


As requested, one example cell whose function did not update correctly is:


There is a suggestion some functions do not update correctly even on small spreadsheets, I am curious what functions these are.

  • What is the formula of a cell where the problem occurs? Also mention any values and formulas that the cell references. Certain formulas sometimes have trouble updating automatically, even in small spreadsheets.
    – Jim K
    Feb 27 '17 at 14:12

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