Scenario: I have a newly created Office365 realm for an arbitrary domain. I need to mount the Sharepoint/OneDrive piece of it as a drive via powershell. This seems to be possible as can be seen here: Technet

My problem is, how do I determine exactly what the unc is that I need to pass into New-PSDrive?

My tests have been failing miserably:

New-PSDrive -Name T -PSProvider FileSystem -Root '\\test.onmicrosoft.com@SSL\Documents' -Credential $Creds
New-PSDrive : The network path was not found

Edit: Just to make things more clear: Given an office365 account with a particular username, what is the path to the root directory of sharepoint and/or onedrive for that account? I'll try and figure the powershell out


After some serious trial and error, I discovered the correct URL. Leaving it here for others:

Given a company named 'test' and a user defined as "user", your unc and creds would be:

Credentials would need to be:

username: user@test.onmicrosoft.com

New-PSDrive -Name J -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\test-my.sharepoint.com@SSL\DavWWWRoot\personal\user_test_onmicrosoft_com\Documents

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