Whenever I drop down my laptop screen it does not go to the sleep mode nor hibernation. I went to the "more power options" and then select "choose when to turn off the display" and there I choose sleep for plugged in and hibernate for unplugged. I also tried cmd prompt as administration and use the command "powercfg -HIBERNATE ON" But it still does not work. I've a INTEL ENERGY MANAGEMENT DRIVER installed in my laptop(Lenovo G580 model 20157 with Win7 Ultimate). Any suggestions ?

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    So the screen does not turn off when the laptop is fully closed? – Mr Public Feb 28 '17 at 17:13
  • cmd -> powercfg -a -> show available sleep states – Wiffzack Mar 1 '17 at 11:56
  • Yes #mr._public – Austin20 Mar 26 '17 at 8:07

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