I have an array of data I'm looking for. Let's say they're the months of the year, from Jan to December. Call it array Months. In A1 to A400 I have text that's been entered. It looks like blahblahJanblah, or blahblahblah (no month). In B1 to B400 I'd like to get a flag (let's call it yes or no) that says if there is a month hiding in A1 or not. I've tried arrays, index match, find, and more to little success. Most promising was https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13587464/excel-find-cells-from-range-where-search-value-is-within-the-cell , but that didn't work.

I'm using excel 2010.

I have not tried to use a macro, but I'd be willing to try

Edits: replaced find with search, and doing a regular find on a test sample is generating results, it's just failing in an array. Additionally the array formula fails to slide


use this formula in B1:


And copy down.

  • It works! For some reason my negatives are 231 and my positives are 232 – Selkie Feb 28 '17 at 20:34

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