I set Heading 1 style for the chapter heading in Word. The style is as follows: Paragraph before 72 and after 54. I also use the word "Chapter" before the number of the chapter.

So if I place the cursor at the beginning of the page and click the Heading 1 style, it will look like:

Chapter 1 (Shift+Enter)



Now, at the end of Chapter 1, I insert a page break and a blank page appears. I click Heading 1 again, and it shows:

Chapter 2

Literature Review

Note that the words "Introduction" and "Literature Review" are entered manually.

My question is, I expect Chapter 2 will follow the paragraph style that I defined (i.e. Before 72, after 54) but it doesn't. Chapter 2 is displayed at the very top without following the Heading 1 paragraph style. Other settings like font are OK.

How do you deal with this problem? I tried to manually set this paragraph style, but the Chapter 2 is always displayed without the 'before' and 'after ' style.

Thank you.


Word 2010 suppresses space above headings at the top of the page, if they come after a Page Break (shift+enter).

If instead you use Section Break (Next Page) in Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page, then the space should not be suppressed before the Chapter 2 heading.

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