I am looking at getting a Mac soon for both iPhone development, and video editing. Should I be looking at a desktop or MacBook? I do not plan for the machine to move from my desk at home, so portability is not an issue, however it will be next to both a windows 7 desktop as well as a Linux laptop with dock.

Main things that I'm concerned about is whether or not a MacBook has the power needed to do the video editing that I'm planning on doing and whether or not I can afford a desktop.


If you're not planning on moving it then a tower (Mac Pro) would be my recommendation. You can run it faster, it's more expandable, and in general has more options. You can hook multiple monitors up to it, add in another keyboard / mouse, expand the RAM to an obscene amount. Also the probability of something breaking or needing to be repaired is much lower then a laptop.

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    This is a sensible suggestion. Having an expandable mac might mean he wouldn't need the windows 7 desktop or the linux laptop, since both OSes can run natively on the mac. – jweede Mar 10 '10 at 19:32
  • It's also very expensive, depending on how much video editing you need to do, an iMac would be fine if you're on a budget. – alimack Mar 22 '10 at 16:10

If you're not moving it then I wold plump for a desktop.

That being said I do love my macbook, sometimes you want to type on the bed. But I would say if you need to be videoediting etc then you want to be getting a MacBook Pro rather than just a macbook.

If money is no object then a Mac Pro is nice but a beefy iMac would probably do everything you want and save you a chunk of money.

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  • The iMac comes with other limitations like you can't stick three additional monitors on that. – Josh K Mar 10 '10 at 19:44

A specced up imac will only cost you as much as a macbook pro, and less than a mac pro and the new ones are very capable machines. I recently bought a 27" imac with a i7 quad core and 8GB of ram and it flies.

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