I use multiple Google Chrome profiles, each logged in with a different account.

What I would like to be able to do is if I open a URL in an external app (such as Mail), it would open the correct profile based on the domain.

https://personal.com would be opened in profile "Personal" https://company.com would be opened in profile "Business"

By default, Chrome uses the last opened profile.


Google provides what you need. However, this is a part of Enterprise. You can setup what the link and how it does work in GPE. The link: Configure which browsers to open with LBS . I recommend use something like google.exe --app=http://example.com --user-data-dir:/home/example/.config/chrome/ for a policy.


I achieved something similar with the chrome extension I built, CopyTabs (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/copytabs/obkbjogekcjalnaebheboejhfkamadkg). It is able to open current tabs, selected tabs or windows, in the current chrome user profile, another chrome user profile or another browser entirely.

It doesn't do exactly what's asked as in having https://personal.com open in profile "Personal" and https://company.com open in profile "Business", but if https://personal.com opens in profile "Business" it allows you to move it to profile "Personal".

I made use of chrome.exe --profile-directory="profileName" to open URLs in a selected profile from a handler that runs on the user's machine. The command makes use of the internal names of the profiles, for example --profile-directory="Profile1" instead of --profile-directory="My Name As Profile".

Hope it's useful.

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