I have a secondary internal hard drive that I use for storage. Over the past few days, any programs or files on this drive (including using Explorer to browse the drive) cause my PC to freeze temporarily and sometimes for the programs to crash. Steam (installed on this drive) gave disk write errors when attempting to install new games. I thought the drive might be failing, so I attempted to run diagnostics on it.

chkdsk said that there were no errors found that were not fixed. Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostic reported no errors on an extended scan of the drive. SeaTools crashes/freezes upon looking for drives, and it takes my PC down with it.

The drive is still under warranty, so if it is defective, I can get it replaced. However, I want to be certain that the drive is actually the problem. Is there anything else I can try to diagnose the disk? Should I try to look for the problem elsewhere, and if so, where should I look?

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