I don't like having pictures displayed at the login screen of my QNAP NAS.

In the manual I couldn't find how to disable/delete/hide these photo-wall at the logon screen: QNAP TS-212P Welkom scherm met fotomuur

As a uBlock user a way to hide the photo wall, is by adding this rule:

###photo-wall > div#gallery > div.body.clearfix

How can the QNAP photo wall be deleted instead of hidden?


Control Panel ➟ System Settings ➟ General Settings ➟ Login Screen

In the QNAP "Control Panel", "System Settings", "General Settings", "Login Screen", there is an option to:

Select one of the templates below for the login screen

It is just a matter of selecting the left image: QNAP Control Panel Login Screen settings and the photo wall is gone from the QNAP login screen.

PS I am still wondering why it took me 3 times (read: so long) to spot the setting to disable the QNAP/QTS 4.2.3 photo wall.

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