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My console is been flooded with rsyslog messages. These are messages that come from a remote server:

   Message from syslogd@MSAN-RSPAE_O1A0F at Mar  3 11:07:13 ...
 rOT1[291]: 17/03/03 11:07:13 minor alarm occurred for service-id 703 mac-idx 17 (service affecting) : VPLS Duplicate MAC address, mac:00-A0-12-6F-4B-80,dup-port:ntio-1:sfp:7,dup-vlan:703,port:nta:xfp:1,vlan:703,cvlan:0,,

I'am trying to stop these messages to be printed to the console. Already tried changing the config file /etc/rsyslog.conf

#kern.*                                                 /dev/console


.*                                                      /dev/null

and restarting the rsyslogd after

sudo service rsyslog restart

Already tried the:

sudo dmesg -n0

And until now, the messages keep appearing in the console of all users.

How to disable them once and for all?

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If you have the following line in your rsyslog.conf, you might consider commenting it out:

*.emerg :omusrmsg:*

But you might also consider seeing if you can adjust the programme generating those logs, to avoid these being logged in the first.

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