I am a programmer by profession who knows just enough Linux to get by. Four or five times a day I have to SSH into a Linux server and I always use Putty as my client. I always work at a fevered pace and I often misspell my username when prompted. I have since created PEM/PPK for the more visited servers but before that I could not figure out how or why I could not escape the endless password prompts that results from an incorrect username.

Can anyone explain to me if I this "back to username" functionality exists. If so how do I use it, and if not is there any technical explanation of why it is no offered? To clarify, this is the workflow I am talking about

  1. Open Putty and enter the server's IP address
  2. Click "Open" to start the session
  3. SSH daemon starts and prompts me for username
  4. I enter and incorrect username
  5. SSH prompts for password

At this point I am stuck. Either I click out and start over from step 1, or I enter an endless stream of "incorrect passwords".... misnomers in this case for "incorrect username".


A couple of ways to avoid this issue.

If you use the same username for all the servers you connect to, when you load up putty under saved sessions load the default profile and before connecting to a server go to:

Connection -> Data in the left hand menu and set Auto-Login username to the username you always connect as. Go back to session click on Default Settings and save.

Otherwise if you use a separate username for each server, create and save a session for each one and do the same as above in Connection -> Data.

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