Notepad++'s shortcut mapper doesn't allow pressing a button to set it for an action, it has to be chosen from a list. But this list uses an English keyboard layout as a basis, so what keys should be chosen for a German keyboard?

Example: You want Ctrl++ for zoom in Ctrl+- for zoom out (without num pad). But + isn't even on the list, because it's a combined key on the English keyboard layout.

(This Q&A is intended to save you time trying every option, I did that for you.)


The table of keys in the list and keys on the German keyboard is as follows:

Everthing from "Backspace" to "F12"
is the same on the German keyboard.
"Home" means "Pos1".

N++ list     German keyboard
       ~     Ö
       -     -
       =     +
       [     ß
       ]     ´
       ;     Ü
       '     Ä
       \     ^
       ,     ,
       .     .
       /     #
      <>     <>

This does not fit the picture for the English keyboard layout from Wikipedia (archive), but from just trying everything out, that is my list.

In the example you would choose Ctrl+= for "zoom in" and Ctrl+- for "zoom out".

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