I have two different subnets in the same layer 2.

  • 192.168.1.*
  • 192.168.2.*

add. two gateways for access to the internet


add. two wl access points

  • (the same unit like for the gateway)

Now I try to configure a dhcp server to mange my network (server:

My most important requirement is send the right network configuration based on the subnet and the connected wl-access point. E.g. if a device connect to the wl-access point it should receive the ip (192.168.1.xy) and the gateway for the correspond subnet (

The other requirement is one of the subnet (192.168.2.) should receive all wired connect (unknown) devices and the subnet (192.168.1.) all known wired devices. To support one of them is no problem, but both at the same ?

I have one unmanged switch and a server with two physical network interfaces (etho, eth1)

It's even possible to achieve my requirements with the given hardware?

Thanks in advance!


No, it's not possible. In your setup there's no way for your centralized DHCP server to know which AP or switch a given DHCP client is connected to, so there's no way for it to give out different addresses based on where the client is connecting.

  • Thanks a lot. These statement save a lot of investigation time. Now i gona split these subnets physical (add an second switch) and gona implement a internal gateway between them . – SimonA Mar 7 '17 at 9:12

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