The fan is always running at 100% (1800 RPM), even when the PC is idle (<5% usage) and temperatures are normal (<40C).

I've tried:

  • Updated BIOS to latest version
  • Installed AMD Overdrive, but the fan section is greyed out
  • Set up fan profiles in SpeedFan but they have no effect (not sure if I did it correctly)
  • Installed MSI Control Center, went to Green Power → Advanced → Mainboard, and set fan control down to 50% for CPU fan, but the speed goes back to 100% after reboot


  • Mobo: MSI 760GM-P34
  • Fan: Hyper 212 Evo (stock fan had same issue)
  • CPU: AMD 4300

In BIOS, open H/W Monitor

  1. Enable CPU Smart FAN Target
    • I set it to 50C, but I think any value will do
  2. Set CPU Min FAN Speed to 0%
    • I suppose anything <50% will work
  3. Set SYS FAN 1 Control to 50%
    • seems irrelevant, but I set it just in case

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