The colors in the Ubuntu terminal is "wrong". Is it possible to make it use the correct VGA colors. For comparison, here is a screenshot showing two VMs: one Xubuntu 16.04 (upper), and one Windows 98 (lower). I expected to see some options in console-setup, but that only covers the font, and character encoding.

Console comparison


The linux virtual console is based on VT102 and ECMA-48 terminal controls. The console_codes and console_ioctl manpages give more information. You can see the current colors in use with:

$ cat /sys/module/vt/parameters/default_{red,grn,blu}
0,170,0,170,0,170,0,170,85,255,85,255,85,255,85,255   # .../default_red
0,0,170,85,0,0,170,170,85,85,255,255,85,85,255,255    # .../default_grn
0,0,0,0,170,170,170,170,85,85,85,85,255,255,255,255   # .../default_blu

These give the RGB values for the main terminal colors (8 normal, 8 bright), in a comma-separated format (from the setvtrgb manpage):

# default_red:  color0_R,color1_R,...,color15_R
# default_grn:  color0_G,color1_G,...,color15_G
# default_blu:  color0_B,color1_B,...,color15_B

| Normal | Bright | Color   |
|      0 |      8 | Black   |  
|      1 |      9 | Red     |  
|      2 |     10 | Green   |
|      3 |     11 | Yellow  |
|      4 |     12 | Blue    |
|      5 |     13 | Magenta |
|      6 |     14 | Cyan    |
|      7 |     15 | White   |  

To change them, first we need to save these values to a file:

$ cat /sys/module/vt/parameters/default_{red,grn,blu} > ~/myconsolecolors

Now tweak the colors using a basic text editor, and load the changes with setvtrgb. Ubuntu installs the tool at /sbin/setvtrgb with the kbd package.

$ setvtrgb ~/myconsolecolors

Once that's all working to your satisfaction, you need to run it at system boot. I'd copy your custom color file to somewhere handy in /etc/:

$ sudo cp ~/myconsolecolors /etc/custom-vt-colors

Then create a systemd unit to run it:

$ sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/custom-vt-colors.service

Description=Load custom VT color palette

ExecStart=/sbin/setvtrgb /etc/custom-vt-colors


Finally, enable and start the service:

$ sudo systemctl enable custom-vt-colors.service
$ sudo systemctl start custom-vt-colors.service
  • discovering RGB values for the 16-color palette used by the OP's MS-DOS screenshot is left as an exercise for the reader. because reasons. – quixotic Mar 6 '17 at 19:09
  • 1
    I love the brown hack. – user877329 Mar 7 '17 at 7:30

@quixotic's answer is very thorough and spot-on, and I thank quixotic greatly!

However, I discovered that in Ubuntu Mate 19.04, it gets overridden. Essentially, there is already a service that loads a file by setvtrgb, and loads it very late.

What I did was follow the link from /etc/vtrgb to /etc/console-setup/vtrgb. Edit or replace /etc/console-setup/vtrgb, keeping the same name, and all should work correctly, as described by quixotic.

(Note: setvtrgb.service, which loads the linked-file from /etc/vtrgb, is located in /lib/systemd/system/.)

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