I've managed to set myself up such that i can launch bash from my command window in windows 10. It's pretty cool! The only problem is that when I ssh into a remote linux box and run different commands, the prompt is always followed by some extra characters... like so:

remote_linux1:/var/www/mywebapp/cgi-bin# cd ..
remote_linux1:/var/www/mywebapp# 30;46R

Notice the "30;46R" at the end of the command prompt above...

or when i ssh into remote_linux1 in the first place, this is what happens:

root@CA2UA5232QPZ:/mnt/c/Users/me# ssh root@remote_linux1.uua.int.net   
 18:42:03 up 23 days, 23:14,  load average: 0.06, 0.13, 0.13
remote_linux1:~# 17;29R

This only happens on remote machines that I've ssh'd into using my bash command tool. What are these characters and how do i get rid of them? Thanks.

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