With pmount one can mount cds, dvds usb partitions (and what not) as a user. I wrote a program (in C) that wants to copy music (and stuff) from a removable device. I want to list these devices and present them to my user. Then I will mount the selected device with pmount, copy the stuff I want and then unmount it with pmount.

But I have no idea about how to list devices that are eligible for such task at a given moment.

I would prefer a pmount based solution if there is any. If there is no such option I would be satisfied with a good enough approximation using other (simlpe user runnable) tools.

I have Debian 7 on i686.


First approximation:

AFAIK pmount is just a setuid-wrapper for mount. I'm not sure if there are additional restrictions.

There are various udev-aliases for all block devices in /dev/disk/, e.g. /dev/disk/by-id/. There are also utility programs like lsblk (maybe lsblk -a -l etc.), or lsscsi. Pick the one that comes closest to what you want.

Those include the already mounted devices, though, so you have to remove them with a script.

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