I have created several .exe shortcuts on my drive using Batch To Exe Converter for ease of access. (See "Integrating non-portable apps into the PortableApps Platform")

So for example, to make a shortcut to git-gui, I made the following batch .bat file, then converted it to an exe using Batch To Exe Converter.

cd cmd & git-gui.exe

The issue is that the .exe shortcut seems to stay in memory even after the main program closes. As a result, I can't safely eject my drive due to it being "in use". Why won't my shortcut exit once it's done running?

Shortcut running in memory after running

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The CMD shortcut is waiting for your main program to exit. You need to use the start command to run it instead.

cd cmd & start git-gui.exe

Source: Why won't cmd exit after execution of batch file?

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