I use a projector (Epson 2040) as my main gaming display.

The native resolution is 1080p@60hz. By enabling the projector's 3D mode, and disabling 3D vision, I can also run games in 720p@120Hz.

I'd like to use DSR when I play at 720p. Is there a way to enable it for non-native resolutions? Can I fool the driver into thinking that 720p is my native resolution?

Posted this on Nvidia forum as well: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/998615/geforce-drivers/enable-dynamic-super-resolution-for-non-native-resolutions-/


A solution is to download CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) and delete all resolutions higher than 720p. Moving between different edid-settings is a major pain though.


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