All of a sudden it seems when ever I open a window on my Kubuntu (9.10) system, the windows dock in the upper left corner and can't be moved. There is nor border on the windows, no min/max/close buttons in the upper right corner of the windows. I tried opening a term window but it seems I can't type in the window. Any ideas what might be causing this?


Loss of pointer focus and window decoration are clear symptoms for a kwin crash. Unlike other KDE applications, you will not get the crash manager.

If you still have the term window open, you can attempt to revive it by copying/pasting the characters k, w, i, n and a newline with the mouse. When it crashes again, you will see the reason in the terminal.


I see this too on a fresh install of Kubuntu 14.04.3 (current LTS). Not a very flash start...

In this case at least it's an Intel graphics/Mesa problem.

As reported at the link below, a workaround is to disable OpenGL, via:

System Setting / Desktop effects / Advanced / Compositing type: XRender


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