In the folder sub folders I want to add "sort by date created" in the sort by menu.

I went into more and selected sort by date created to show in the sorting menu.

But its only doing it on the current folder and every time I add a new folder into a sub folder I have to go to more and select sort by date created from the options to show in the sorting menu.

I searched google and couldn't find anything useful to do it.

Is there anyway to do this?


In a folder that you have configured the way you want, in Windows Explorer, go to the menu bar and go to “Tools” → “Folder options…”.  This will bring up the “Folder Options” window.  Go to the “View” tab and click on “Apply to Folders”:

        Folder Options

If you have turned off (hidden) your menu bar, and your Explorer window looks like this:

Windows Explorer without menu bar

then either

  • Go to “Organize” → “Layout” and click on “Menu bar”.  This will enable (unhide) the menu bar.  Then follow the above instructions.
  • Go to “Organize” → “Folder and search options”.  This will open the “Folder Options” window.  Then follow the above instructions.
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