Extremely bizarre issue here. Recently I've converted a Windows Server 2008R2 terminal server from VMware to Hyper-V using MVMC. After re-activating the license, it was put into production.

Now, here's where things get strange:
Our environment has users on the little Wyse thin clients which all get the same configuration from an FTP server and everyone has two monitors. The clients all connect to either of two terminal servers (one is the converted one, one is not). A select few clients get stretched screens on their connections and others do not.

  • If I get the same user with the issue to use a different thin client, the issue disappears, and vice-versa when I get a user without the issue to use the affected box.
  • If I go into Display Settings, it shows one monitor that has the width of the two combined. I'm unable to change it as it complains it is a remote desktop connection.
  • SCVMM shows that the max screens has been set to 1, but it's greyed out and I'm unable to change it
  • Some Googling reveals the issue could be related to RemoteFX, but I'm unable to install that as it requires Hyper-V which I'm also unable to install as these are Virtual Machines, not bare metal
  • If an affected user connects to the non-converted terminal server, this issue does not appear

Below is a screenshot of the Display Settings window. There are in fact two monitors but as you can see, only one comically long one appears.

Any ideas?

Stretchy Screen Mode


I've discovered the problem.
Thanks to this link I uninstalled windows update KB2984972 and I was back in business.

Link to KB2984972

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