I'm having a problem with the cache in Chrome/Safari on macOS. I'm updating my CSS file but the browser refuses download it from my local development machine. I have confirmed changes in compiled CSS file but they are not reflected in developer tools.

I have tried:

  • Right clicking refresh button and selecting 'empty cache and hard reload'
  • Disabling cache in dev tools
  • Restarted my machine
  • Cleared cache under 'Clear browsing data'
  • Loaded website in an incognito window
  • Adding cache busting techniques to assets ...?v=1

If I disable cache the headers read

 200 OK

If I enable cache the headers read

 200 OK (from disk cache)

Both show the same file. I never get any 304 codes indicating that the server is never seeing a request for the files.

Server environment: Vagrant/CentOS in VirtualBox with NGINX, MariaDB, Redis and Laravel.

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