I'm using a template in word with text content control and I want to access the text written.

I tried to google it but it seems I don't have the right keywords.

For instance, the beginning of my text could be :

Publisher : [ _____ ]
Writer : [ _____ ]

And I could then insert the publisher or writer name later in the text based on what the user put in the fields.

Is this possible ? (it don't have to be a content control though)

NB : the document is to be used by not-geek-at-all, and so it should not use any VBA or other 3rd party app.


I think bookmarks might work well in this situation.

  1. First, make sure the user cannot delete your content control by selecting the control and locking it from deletion. Developer tab > Properties > check box in the Locking area > OK.

Content control properties window

  1. Second, select the content control and insert a bookmark. Insert tab > Bookmark. Enter a bookmark name and click Add.
  2. Within your text, add a cross reference to the bookmark. Insert tab > Cross-reference > select relevant bookmark > Insert button.

**Important note: cross-references do not immediately auto-update. I usually select all my text [Control A] and push [F9] to update.

When data is entered and the fields updated, you will have something like this:

Example text with updated content control and bookmarks

  • One thing though : the content won't update if the "content cannot be deleted" is checked on the cross-reference. I couldnt add the reference to the text only, so it copy-pastes the whole content control. Mar 27 '17 at 9:20

This might have to do with Word Field Codes. Try the following

The Function and Shortcut Keys that manipulate fields

Windows Keys | What

  • F9 | Update/Refresh Selected Field
  • Shift+F9 | Display/Hide Field Codes (selected field)
  • Alt+F9 | Display/Hide All Field Codes (all fields in document)
  • Ctrl+F9 | Create Empty Field (Insert { }Braces)

I use fields often when trying to automate forms See Here for more info

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