Is there any configuration to fill in automatically a selected text to the in-page search textbox.

What I want Firefox to behave:

  • Select a text in the current displayed page (normally by mouse)
  • Press Cmd + F
  • The selected text is filled automatically in the search textbox
  • Then we could eventually press Enter or F3 to find next, etc.

This feature is currently used in PHPStorm IDE and I found it increased my work performance much.


The feature you are asking for – and exactly what you are asking for – has been present in Firefox since version 3.0:

  • "Firefox 3 Release Notes". website-archive.mozilla.org. Mozilla Foundation. "Find toolbar: the Find toolbar now opens with the current selection."

Indeed, you have explained the procedure with high accuracy. Right now, I am using Firefox and observing the presence of this feature with my own eyes.

If your version of Firefox is not doing this, then I suggest you reset your configuration to default to get the functionality back.

P.S. A special thanks to @Burgi for finding the link.

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    After resetting all settings and removing all add-ons, it didn't work on macOS. I'm currently running on macOS 10.12 and Firefox 52. BTW, everything seems to work well with Firefox 52 on Windows 10. Mar 17 '17 at 3:43

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