How can I execute cmder with a specific current folder from total-commander?

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cmder-1.3.2 can be started in specific folder with:

cmder /single <folder>

Since total-commander already configures the Start in folder for bat files with the folder from the tab, you can create a CMDER_ROOT/bin/wsh.bat file with the content:

cmder /single %CD%

Now, you can start a cmder shell from total-commander via wsh. This will add a new tab if cmder is already started. If you want to always start a new instance use /start instead of /single in your script.


I am not sure this was your original intention, but another solution is to create an icon on the icons bar and use as Parameters:

/single "%p"


/start "%p"

This way you click on the icon and it starts in the TotalCommander specified directory.

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