I play animated videos and notice a lag or frame drop.

I learned later that this is due to Japanese anime being not fully animated due to low budgets.

But I want to be sure. Nvidia Geforce FPS overlay is not working for Video players.

Is there a program to show FPS of video playback in VLC and other players?

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Try Fraps. It works with video and graphic sources that don't work with other FPS overlay programs.

Fraps overlay setting

I tested it with VLC and the framerate is constant 24 FPS. It seems that the poor animation is the cause of my concern and not my PC. Fraps FPS overlay in the top-right corner

  • Doesn't VLC have a native feature?
    – neverMind9
    Aug 21, 2018 at 13:15

The other answer was posted nearly a year before the release of VideoLAN 3.0.0 (2018-02-09). According to this forum post...

Fraps doesn't work for me with vlc 3.0.x. No overlay, no recording, no screen capture.

...and my experience is the same with v3.0.16: there is no overlay and the CSV logs indicate something like 1 frame/second. I tried the workaround posted in the reply...

... I got them to work together by changing video output module in VLC to 'OpenGL video output for Windows' (Preferences > show settings: All > Video > Output modules > Video output module)

...and while that did succeed in making Fraps's overlay appear, that alternately caused poor performance or screen artifacts.

Instead, on AlternativeTo I found a tool called FPS Monitor that lets you monitor various system components with a customizable screen overlay. Even in trial mode I was able to use it to monitor the playback framerate in VLC. The one thing that tripped me up, however, is that VLC media player must be started after FPS Monitor; it's not enough to just stop and restart video playback. Other than that, I was able to get not only numbers but a live graph of the information I was looking for (ScenesRecent scenesBENCHMARK is a good preset to use). Neat.

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