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For snapping your window to the left, or right side of your screen, you can use Winkey - Arrow left/right. But I have a screen rotated 90 degrees, and want to snap the window to the upper or lower part of the screen. Is there a shortcut for that?

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Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not come with the feature to position your windows to upper / lower half of the screen.

What is possible though is:

Keys - Operation

Win + Left - Position a window on the left half of the screen

Win + Right - Position a window on the right half of the screen

Win + Up - Maximize a window

Win + Down - Restore a window, Minimize a window

Win + Shift + Up - Snap a window to maximum height

Win + Left / Right then Win + Up / Down - Position a window to one of the four possible quadrants

Win + Shift + Left / Right - Shift a window to the next / previous display

Win + M Minimize all windows

Win + Home Minimize all but active window

Win + D Toggle Desktop View

Hope this helps you.

  • Win-shift-down seems to maximize to lower half of screen, maybe an update added it. Thanks for this list. I didn't think of trying shift-combo before reading it. – matt wilkie Jan 16 at 22:02
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    can not confirm that windows-shift-down maximizes to bottom half, for me its still minimizing the window (windows 10 pro, version: 10.0.17134 build 17134) – kmera Mar 22 at 7:00
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    I think the intuitive shortcut Windows should add is when a window is snapped to one of the quadrants and you press Win + Left / Right to the direction of the empty space on left or right, then it maximize the width first, then pressing that arrow button again move it to the quadrant on the other side. We already have similar behavior for Win + Up / Down – orad Sep 30 at 4:15

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